Rock Breaking and Removal in Spokane

Have you been sitting around trying to figure out the best way to build or landscape around rocks on your property? Don’t worry about accommodating them, when instead you can get rid of them entirely! When it comes to rock demolition and concrete removal, the All Power Trucking & Contracting LLC  team are the experts.

From loading and hauling of multiple smaller rocks to the breaking up of boulders with jackhammers, expansion, and explosive methods, we’ll smooth out your Spokane property in no time!

And, when we’re finished, we’re equipped with skips and vehicles to clear the site of all rubble and debris, disposing of it properly. You’ll have the blank canvas you’re looking for, and no one would ever know we’d even been there!

Multiple Methods

Depending on the project there are multiple methods when it comes to breaking up concrete or excavating rocks from land. Knowing which method to use in which situation is key, and a prime reason for working with professional excavation contractors like All Power Trucking & Contracting LLC.


Using a drill, we’ll create holes to insert rock breaker chemicals. It is important to not attempt this on your own, as holes have to be a specific size and depth or you’ll be dealing with dangerous blowout as the mixture does its job. Within 24 hours, you’ll have smaller more manageable pieces of rock to deal with.


By carefully and strategically drilling holes with a jackhammer, we’ve been able to remove many larger rocks and boulders from residential and commercial Spokane properties. Effective for concrete removal as well, jack hammers can chisel away until there’s nothing left!


Blowing up rocks might sound like one of the more entertaining things you can do, but at All Power Trucking & Contracting LLC, we proceed with caution any time we use this method, and only use it as a last resort. We’ll drive wedges into the boulder and insert explosives that force the rock to break into multiple pieces, much like with the expansion and jackhammer methods.

As demolition contractors, rock removal is one of the tasks that takes less setup to perform, but can be dangerous nonetheless. When you work with All Power Trucking & Contracting LLC, you’ll have access to competitive rates making it simple to choose the professional advantage, and you won’t have to heft any rocks around yourself!

Rock Excavation Rates

Rock excavation cost depends very much on the size of the rock, quantity of rocks, and location we’ll be working in. While it’s hard to estimate the cost for services without an assessment, on average these jobs can cost between $5-$35 per cubic yard.

More dangerous methods drive the price up further.

Clear Your Property

When you want a flat surface to build your Spokane dream home or dream garden or even dream parking lot, you’re going to have to make sure that there aren’t any rocks in the way.

While it can be tempting to get destructive yourself, it’s always best to rely on professional excavating contractors to handle rock demolition and concrete removal on any property.

Give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for services.